While trying to find books to help me on my writing journey I spotted this book…https://www.amazon.com/Story-Grid-What-Good-Editors-ebook/dp/B00WT7TP8A/?encoding=UTF8&pf_rd_p=178d1a4d-962e-4497-b328-a577abcf2443&pd_rd_wg=alCHi&pf_rd_r=VJ8D9JK1EDD59ET5XQN5&pd_rd_w=CMv6a&pd_rd_r=92c19eb1-2079-4cc1-b573-174890956266&ref=pd_gwm_ci_mcx_mr_hp_atf_m.

I was wondering if there are any fellow writers with a review and if it’s worth the buy?


“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”_ Anne Frank

I was putting together a character sketch last night. Fright set inside me and I began wondering HOW CAN I…limit this to just a short story?

Writing what you know sometimes begins to feel all too real. Trying to prevent yourself from becoming someone who almost destroyed you, in turn, causes you to overcompensate and become someone you can’t even recognize.

Character sketches become scary when you try to input parts of the people you tried to forget. Those people come back and look you in the face as if it were a mirror into the past.

WILL I…limit my writing for this contest to a short story of a mere 1,000-3,000 words, or just abandon the project all together out of fear? WILL I…save this project and commit more to developing it into a novel?



Taking a leap of faith.

Inspirational Quote: Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.

  • Struggles as a new writer: The idea
  • The research
  • Making the story my own
  • Keeping the flow going
  • Writing through all the distractions around me
  • Writing what you know
  • Getting advice on your work and ideas of where to go with your work
  • Growing your audience
  • Will people be honest with their thoughts and give helpful tips

The Creation Process: Yes, I knew writing a book wouldn’t be easy. Narrowing down the thoughts and ideas, working through the distractions is a job all by its self.

The Original Idea: The idea behind Small Town Facade came to me while researching unsolved murders. Looking for that idea that can make a fascinating story.

Making It My Own: The original place where the murder happened; getting the research just right. Wondering if I can change some of the original details of the setting and still be a reliable storyteller to my readers?

Finding Help: Asking for help when you feel you should know what you’re doing. The resources are limitless to read, but finding an actual person to believe in you and your story doesn’t come cheap when your looking for a mentor to help turn your book into something great.

Do I?….Should I?


After much thought for my short story idea, I have decided to go with the Inn. The idea I have is that inside the books on the shelves is the same map. The map leads to two trails. One trail leads to fortune the other to death. I’m not quite sure if I can limit this to a short story. I’m starting late at pulling this together but the creative juices are flowing even if I can’t make the deadline for the contest.


This week for a writing contest I was given prompts to choose from and I picked out two. Begin your story with a character crashing into something or someone while skiing. The other one: Your character runs an Inn for resting mountaineers. It’s a calm life, until they encounter a twist of fate.

If I win the contest I will get $250.00. I have come up with a couple of ideas that I can run with. The first: There is a hidden fortune within the Inn. The second: There is one specific room at the Inn where your fate can change. I’m not quite sure where I want to take this story or which to choose. I have until the 27th of January to come up with 1000 to 3000 words and turn it in. I would love some ideas!!!!


While reading J.P. Smith’s book The Drowniing I came to a point in the book where I said WOW!

In the book a camp counselor teaches the kids how to swim. The is one child he is unable to do so. Angry at the child’s reluctance to go in to the deep water, he puts the child on a raft and gives him the option to either sink or swim. The counselor leaves and forgets about the child on the raft. The child vanishes.

Years pass, this once young counselor becomes a success and then things change. Things begin to happen and that once forgotten boy who vanished enters his mind once again. Has he come back to seek revenge?

This is where the what if comes in. What if you did something at a young age that you have forgotten about comes back to haunt you years later?


While reading J.P.Smith’s book The Drowning I reached a point in the story where I said WOW!

In the book a camp counselor who taught swimming left a child who was terrified of the deep water on a raft anchored down in the deep water. The only way to shore was to swim. He had been the only child the counselor was unable to teach to swim that year and he was angry. He left this child out there and forgot about him. The child goes missing. They can’t find him in the water or in the woods. He has just disappeared. Years pass and the counselor becomes quite successful but things begin to happen and not for the better. Has this forgotten, lost child come back to seek revenge?

This poses a question…have you ever done something that you forgot about and what if it came back years later to haunt you?

Plotter vs. Pantser

I am back at the writing table today. I have never been one for plotting out where I want to go with my story, and I have been writing this one for over two years. I get side tracked by all that’s going on around me and writing takes a back seat. Soon, this year I have to say in order to get this book where I want it to be I have to put my writing in the front seat.

As I have posted before, if you go to my pages you will find the first three chapters of my book. I hope you all will find time during these dreadful cold months to enjoy and comment on it and yes, yes, yes, comment. If you like where the story is going, if you would like to read more, I can definitely provide more.

I am hoping to write myself out of a corner I have seamlessly created. Please join me in my journey. Happy ✍ writing!!!

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