Voices of the present would like to bring you a bizarre, unsolved, cold case.

A disturbing act of violence cut short 2 lives in Anchorage Alaska. This murder has left no signs that are obvious to police or the K9’s used to investigate the area in which 3 people were attacked and 2 of them died. It is suspected that this crime was completely random.

Robert Workman and Mae Melovidov had only been dating a few months, but it was reported that they were happy together.

On March 10,2014, the couple had camped out in a tent, alongside a busy street, in a wooded area. That evening a third man joined the couple in the tent.

As evening came, and the night grew colder, a man brandishing a pistol, ambushed these 3 people. He fired rapidly, in succession, into the tent, injuring all 3 people. He turned tail and ran leaving the inability for anyone else around to catch a glimpse of this man.

Robert Workman died at the scene. Mae Melovidov would later die only hours after the incident.

The only survivor gave a description, but was very vague. He claimed the shooter was male, approximately 6ft. tall, of average build, with dark, shoulder length hair. He was unable to describe race or age, but he did provide a description of the man’s jacket; black and red, with vertical stripes on the back.

It has been 5+ years and this killer has yet to be found.

Now, as creative thinkers, writers, artists, or just cold case enthusiasts, what do you suspect happened that night?

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Present Day

Do you have a true story, an unexplainable story, that you would like to share with our readers today?

Let me share your story here on my site. I’m sure others are just as curious as I am.

Don’t be shy. It’s raining and dreary here where I am and we are all looking for a great story.

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In continuance of the great Arthurian Legend, a poet named Robert the Baron, in the 12th century, added to this Legend. He presented that Arthur’s father gave him up and Arthur had to be raised by a noblemans son away from the kingdom.

Arthur, unaware of his real father, was not given the throne when the king passed, so England called upon Merlin to help.

This is where the Sword in the Stone Legend comes about.

Merlin knew who Arthur was and wanted to give him a chance to grow up before taking the throne.

Merlin erects a large stone, stuck inside this stone was a sword. An inscription on the sword stated, “Whoso pulled out the sword from this stone, is right wise King born of all England.”

No one succeeded and the sword was forgotten causing England to fall in to greater ruin.

Merlin kept Arthur close, teaching him. On his 15th birthday Arthur pulled the sword from the stone and became King.

Not many fans of the Arthurian Legend know that this sword was not named Excalibur in early tales but instead, it was called Caladfwlch, a Welsh name meaning “lightening”.

In Geoffrey of Monmouth’s tales the sword was called Caliburn and from that name came Excalibur.

I hope you have enjoyed this story from the past and can and could continue if you so wished.

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The Notorius King Arthur

Voices from our past can no longer speak on their own. So through us their stories must be told.

One of the greatest mysteries of all time that may never be solved is The Wizard Merlin, The Sword Excalibur, and The Knights of The Round Table.

These stories have all been told and retold for many years.These stories tell of a leader who fought several battles about the Saxons. The accuracy is debatable.

Tintagel is a coastal site supposedly King Arthur’s home, but that has never been confirmed nor denied. There are many locations that have been linked with King Arthur’s Camelot and the infamous Round Table dating from around AD 594.

Arthur appears in the writings of a Welsh historian named Nennius, who listed twelve battles the warrior King fought, supposedly.

These battles happened in so many different places that it has to be impossible for Arthur to have been in all of them.

The first life story of Arthur was written by Geoffrey of Monmouth. He describes his magical sword Cali urn, his trusted Knight Lancelot, Queen Guinevere and of coarse the infamous Wizard Merlin. These are a blend of myths and facts.

Arthur may not have been real, but his mythic power only grows stronger with the countless tales.

Numerous variations of the Arthurian Legend is similar in most of them. He was an illegitimate son of the ki g of Britain who succeeded his throne by showing his worth in unusual strength and fighting many powerful enemies to secure his kingdoms place in the world.

Stories of King Arthur were popular in Wales before 11th century. Facts circling Arthur’s name came from scholars who believe his name comes from the Roman family named Artorius. Some say the root name for Arthur comes from the celtic meaning The Bear King, or from the star Arcturus, located near the constellation Ursa Major. It could also come from the old Irish name Artu’r, that derives from an old Welsh or Cumbric name.

Facts revealed the presence of Queen Guinevere, Arthur’s great love. Numerous variations of her part in the Arthurian Legend portray her as an adulteress who had an affair with Arthur’s first knight Lancelot and then later becomes wife to Arthur’s traitorous nephew, Sir Mordred. She was always portrayed as exceptionally beautiful, but a tragic romantic (anti) heroine.

Other facts about King Arthur show us that his last great battle where he died or was fatally wounded was the Battle of Camlann. During this great battle Mordred and Arthur wound each other but Three Fairy Queens took Arthur’s body and sailed to the mysterious Island of Avalon where, some say, he still lies sleeping g in a hollow hill waiting to be awakened to defend Brittain.


The True Meaning

A riddle to start your day… What is so fragile that when you say its name you break it?

Why is silence so powerful? It can be a very powerful way to be with another person, especially when you are troubled.

Silence stirs wisdom and seeks truth. Impulsive speaking can cause a more foolish or selfish reaction.

In English Literature the sound of silence provides readers with an abstract illustration of the scene’s atmosphere becoming heavy with emotion or understanding between characters.

There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen!

What does silence mean to you?

For me, I don’t believe you are ever truly surrounded in silence. If only you just listen.

What does silence mean to you?

I am curious about your answers. Please let me know what you think.

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Fact or fiction?

Henry McDaniel, father of two, dismissed his children’s claim that a weird creature was lurking in their yard trying to get in. He believed it to be their active imaginations due to their age. Later that night, for him, things changed.

Henry awoke by strange scratching sounds. He grabbed a gun and a flashlight then peered out his front door. Between two rose bushes, just as his children had described, was an almost human-like body of a creature. He described it as having 3 legs, a short body, 2 little arms, and 2 pink eyes as big as flashlights.

Henry fired 4 shots that night. He was sure he had hit by the hissing noise it made, causing it to run toward a railway embankment.This creature shocked him, as it had jumped 80 ft in only 3 jumps before disappearing.

Henry reported 3 more sightings but police threatened him with jail. No one believed him. He stood adamant that his story was true, stating that if they did find it, they would find more and they would see it wasn’t a creature from this planet.

Other eyewitnesses came forward, claiming to have seen the creature, shot at it and photographed it. To this day, there is no explanation for the Enfield Monster.

This story is indeed TRUE.

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Humor vs Darkness

To continue with the idea of writing with emotion, remember that if your readers are looking to identify with the characters you must make sure that they can see themselves reflected in your characters.

As far as the type of story you have chosen, some of the greatest short stories have developed around the same old topics: relationships, loss, and love.

This isn’t the important part. What? You think I’m crazy now? Nope, two stories can both deal with hardship and loss but, (here it come) they both have two different deliveries. Yes! One is dark and despondent while the other is light and humorous.

It doesn’t matter which you choose as long as your readers can identify immediately with your characters.


Hello my loves!

I present you with a hair raising story with only one clue. A piece of paper with the words “Lama’n Shud”. The meaning- It has ended.

I fell in love with this unique story as it leaves the mind open wide for interpretation.

A body of a man was found on Somerton Beach in Australia, 1948. This man was dressed to the nines. A suit, polished shoes, and his head slumped against a wall.

As is customary in searches, authorities first speculated it was a case of heart failure or poisoning. After an autopsy, no trace of poisoning was found.

The tags of his clothes had been removed, there was no wallet and the fingerprints the authorities had taken were unidentifiable. A photo was placed in the newspaper, but with no luck in identifying this man.

The rolled up piece of paper found inside a hidden pocket in his pants was from a rare book called Ruba’ya’t. Police spent months looking for this exact book, finally deciding to bury him without identification. He was embalmed to preserve him and a cast was made of the bust.

A man walked into the police station eight months later claiming g that just after the body was found he found a copy of the rare book in the back of his car which was also parked beside a building at Somerton Beach. The gentleman hadn’t given any thought until reading about it in the paper.

The book had a part of the last page torn out that matched the rolled up piece of paper found in the dead man’s pocket. Inside this book was a phone number and a strange code that still hasn’t been cracked today. The phone number led to a woman who sold the book to a man named Alfred Boxall, who is still very much alive today and still owns the copy of the rare book that he purchased.

Now I ask you, who was this man found on Somerton Beach?

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I have been introduced with a 6 step process for writing short stories. So, if you’re like me and wonder if writing short stories is a way to gain practice in your writing, the keep reading and join me in gaining an insight on how to write short stories.

Step 1- A simple Idea. Some writers seem to be able to pull an idea that works out of thin air, but for some it’s not that easy. An approach that some writers used and were able to write some true classics, is to focus on a single character, the setting, or just an event.

An example is John Cheever’s The Swimmer. This story is about one character. Very simply put, a suburban American father decides to swim through all of his neighbors pools.

Then we have Shirley Jackson who wrote The Lottery. She has a larger cast of characters with the setting being in a town square.

If you limit your characters and locations to only one or two you just may find that that it’s easier to keep your story under control.

Yes, I’m going to say it, I wish I didn’t have to but it’s a true statement. “Write what you know.” Many of us haven’t lived through an epic saga like Gullivers Travels, but you may have an anecdote or two of your own that can form the basis of your story.

Conversations that you hear may spark your imagination so write pieces of them down that you could possible use, on your phone or in a short story idea folder. You may find a colorful character or two. Remember you can take inspiration from other lives you too.

Once you have that character, idea, or setting bring some emotion into it. Think of your short story as a study of feeling instead of a full-blown plot. If you don’t have that emotional core your story may lack in areas and the Reader you hoped to have invested in your story may be struggling to connect.

Now, try this first step on for size and see what you create and then later we are going to move on to the second step so, PLEASE stay tuned.

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Hello kiddos, grab your favorite drink and snack of your choice and embark on this wonderous tale, theories you might not of heard before, to the Lost City of Z.

The British explorer Percy Fawcett, also known as the true Indiana Jones, disappeared in Brazil. Many people believe he was killed by local tribes, but is this true? I will let you decide.

Finding the remains of delicate pottery, in the Motto Grosso region of western Brazil, convinced Percy Fawcett that beneath the jungle floor of the Amazon River basin, was evidence of civilization that had once existed. He believed that beneath the jungle floor was evidence of roadways and causeway.

Anthropologist Micheal Heckenberger, through recent finds, suggests that Fawcett may have indeed been right. There is evidence of a city and large civilization, that was home to roughly 60,000 people in 800-1600 CE, named Kuhikugu after the main archeological site of Percy Fawcett.


Back to our story…

After fighting in World War I, Fawcett returned back to the jungle in search of this lost city Z. He falls sick with fever and ends up having to shoot his horse at the place he later called “Dead Horse Camp”.

In 1925, Fawcett returns with his son Jack and Jack’s best friend, Raleigh Rimell. Also in this party were two locals, two dogs, two horses, and eight mules.

After his last communication with his wife Nina, they were not heard from again.

An explanation that has been given weight was by Swiss explorer Stephan Rattin. Ratting claimed he met Fawcett. Ratting said that Fawcett was being held captive by tribesmen, so he sets off to rescue Fawcett with two men, one being a reporter, but again, they were never heard from again.

Majority of people believed that Fawcett, Jack, and Raleigh were killed by local tribes but, no evidence or clues suggest that this is true.

A fanciful tale, when Fawcett and his son never disappeared was, that they had starved to death, been eaten by wild beasts, or were alive and living with the natives.

I ask you, is it possible that Fawcett had never intended to return to England? Was he determined to set up a commune in the jungle?

Based on Fawcetts family papers that had been kept secret, Fawcett had visions of a native goddess who drew him to the area. Many of his friends had agreed to meet him there when he set up this commune.

The major motion picture The Lost City of Z, suggests Fawcett and his son were carried off to meet their demise by cannibals.

What do you think happened? It’s a fanciful tale with many twists and turns and don’t forget theories.

Continue the conversation and let us know what you think.


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