Voices of the Past brings to you a bizzare mystery of the past that has left experts and all who encounter the case baffled. Most people like to believe that even the most impossible of puzzles can be solved given time, but that’s not always the case.

Let’s dive ino the 1957, when two sisters, Joanna and Jacqueline Pollock along with their friend Anthony were tragically killed in a car accident as they walked to their local church in Northumberland, England. Parents, John and Florence, were grief stricken hoping their daughters would come back home. Is seemed their prayers would be answered when just a year later twin girls, Jennifer and Gillian were born.

To the surprise of the parents, Jennifer, the younger twin, had birthmarks on her face and body in the same exact place their deceased daughter Jaqueline had. This is where a series of uncanny similarities between the twins and their deceased sisters begin.

At the age of two, the twins began to ask for toys that had once been owned by Jacqueline anad Joanna. According to the parents, the twins had never heard of or seen these toys before.

At the age of four, the twins began to recognize places that they had never seen or visited before. The parents recalled an instance where the twins pointed to a school that they claimed was their school, remembering having played on the playground behind it. This school had been the one Jacqueline and Joanna had attended.

A well respected psychologist at that time, a Dr. Ian Stevenson, studied the girls’ case and concluded that these twin sisters were indeed the deceased sisters reincarnated. But just as suddenly as these twins were remembering things about their sisters, the memories vanished at the age of five. The twins went on to live happy, ordinary lives.

When I read this story I wondered if this story is indeed true, how would I react if a child of mine was reincarnated into another child born years later. I honestly don’t know what my reaction would be. I think I would be elated with joy to have my baby back, but it would be devestating to only have my child leave me again. Could you rebond with the child who assumes their own identity?

Let those of us joining into the conversation know what you think and how you think you might react.

The Chameleon Killer

Assuming so many different identities, infiltrating families and destroying lives in New Hampshire and California, Terry Peder Rasmussen has been named, “The Chameleon Killer”.

In the early 1980’s Rasmussen used the name Bob Evans, then moved on to Curtis Kimball, Gordon Jenson, and Larry Vanner. Five murders have been connected to this man, all alias’ being one and the same man, and authorities fear there may be more.

Marlyse Elizabeth Honeychurch, boin in Connecticut in 1954, married twice, conceiving a daughter in both marriages. Her daughter was born in 1971, her name Marie E. Vaughn, and then in 1977 her second daughter, Sarah L. Mcwaters was born.

Honeychurch brought Terry Rasmussen home to meet her family in 1978 around Thanksgiving, at her mothers home. Details aren’t quite clear, but family believed there may have been a disagreement between Honeychurch and her mother in regards to Rasmussen being too old for her. Honeychurch left with Rasmussen. Honeychurch was 24 at the time. She never called or contacted her family after that. She just disappeared. Police believe Honeychurch died one or two years later, making her at least 26 or 27 when she died.

The remains of Honeychurch and her daughter, Marie E. Vaughn were found in the first of two barrels, discovered in Bear Brook State Park, November of 1985. Their bodies weren’t identified until 2019. Marie E. Vaughn was believed to have been between 8 and 10 years old when she died.

While playing a game of hide and seek, Jesse Morgan age 11 and a few of his friends stumbled upon a barrel in the middle of the woods, off a trail. It was said the barrel was slightly rusted, dark blue in color; a 55-gallon steel drum just sitting out in the woods. After one of the children tried to lift the top of the barrel, the children were hit with a putrid smell and then another child tipped the barrel over, watching it fall on its side. The children got on their 4-wheeler and left not knowing at the time that there were human remains inside the barrel.

A hunter calls police, 4-months later, requested police meet him at the edge of the woods. When police arrived the man was very pale in color and told the police he believed there to be human bones in a barrel up in the woods.

It was later determined that a female adult and child, unidentified at the time, had been killed with blunt force trauma to their heads. They were both buried together at a local cemetary and a gravestone was donated that read:

“Here lies the mortal remains known only to God of a woman aged 23-33 and her girl child aged 8-10. Their slain bodies were found on November 10th, 1985, in Bear Brook State Park. May their soul find peace in God’s loving care.”

Sarah L. McWaters, in 2000, 15 years after the barrel containing the remains of her mother and her half- sister were discovered, was found inside a seperate barrel at Bear Brook State Park along with the body of an unknown child. It was believed that Sarah was only 2 to 3 years old at the time she was killed.

After DNA was taken and the identities of Honeychurch and her older daughter Marie Vaughn were identified, they were laid to rest together with a new headstone bearing their names in Allenstown, New Hampshire, and the youngest daughter Sarah, was laid to rest in Connecticut, near her father’s family.

The remains of the young child found with Sarah’s in the second barrel, estimated between 2 and 4 years old, have yet to be identified. She has been referred to as the “middle child”, but DNA confirmed she is not related to Sara and Marie, nor their mother. In 2016, this child was determined to be the biological daughter of Rasmussen.

After reviewing the timeline for Rasmussen, it appears likely that this unknown child, his daughter, was born in texas on the Gulf Coast, if he was indeed working on an oil rig at the time. Genealogy efforts have revealed that the litte girls’ mother’s relatives may have come from Pearl River County, Mississippi. This little girl has been given the name “Angel”.

These are only four of the victims believed to belong to Rasmussen.

He said what?!!

I have always been one who was curious about the notorious Nostradamus’ predictions. Voices of the Past and the Future are taking a deep dive into who Nostradamus was and what his predictions are for the year 2022.

Michel de Nostedame was born in 1503 in the Kingdom of France. Working as a apothecary for a few years, he then enrolled at the University of Monpellier hoping to earn his doctorate. When univerisity authorities found out about his work as an apothecary, as it was a forbidden trade, he was almost immediately expelled.

Nostradamus married in 1531. After his wife and two children died from the plague, it prompted him to continue his work in apothecary but began to move away from traditiona medicines and into the accult. He followed popular trends in 1550, eventually publishing an almanac to great success and continued with the publishing of the almanacs while he began working as an astrologer for some wealthy patrons.

Nostradamus was best known for the book Les Prophe’ties which was published in 1555 and contains 942 quatrains (a type of poem). These quatains rely on literary and historical precedent and many believe have accurately predicted future events. Depending on your interpretation, more than 70 percent of his prophecies have been fulfilled so far.

My interest in Nostradamus is to see what he predicted and to see, to what degree, he has been correct.

Many of Nostradamus’ quatrains were written in a method to obscure their meanings out of persecution from religious establishments. He used a language and terminology that didn’t exist during his time to purposefully stump comtemoraries while also leaving clues for future generations to come.

His book of quatrains, Les Prophe’ties, was met with some mixed reviews; some believing that he was a charlatan or involved in dealings with the Devil. Others believed his book to be the incredible work of a genius. Catherine de’ Medici, wife of King Henry II of France, was so impressed with Nostradamus’ work, she appointed him Councelor and Physician-in-Ordinary to her son, who would become the future King Charles IX of France.

For me, the interesting part was to find out, How did Nostradamus make his predictions?

Nostradamus used judicial astrology, or the forecasting of events, by calculating stellar and planetary bodies and their relationship to the Earth. He was criticized by some professional astrologers of his time, who thought him to be incompetent.

Mind you that Nostradamus’ predictions were written hundreds of years ago and can be left up to interpretation.

The young lion will overcome the older one. He will pierce his eyes through a golden cage, and that two wounds will ensure a cruel death.


If you interpret his words, during a joust with one of his young soldiers, the King was struck and the lance shattered, diving splinters into his eye and skull, which led to a slow death from sepsis.

People will travel safely through the sky.


Nostradamus, somehow, predicted air travel hundreds of years before anyone in the world ever saw an airplane or had even conceptualized this idea.

The dreadful war which prepared in the west, the following year the pestilence will come, so very horrible that young, nor old, nor animal will survive.


With this prediction came World War I and the Spanish Flu pandemic.

The rise of Adolf Hitler:

From the depths of the West of Europe, a young child will be born of poor people…by his tongue…seduce a great troop, Hister.


Many have interpreted as a foretelling of the atomic bombs dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States during Worl War II, Nostradamus wrote:

Within two cities there will be scourges the like of which was never seen..famine with plague.


A quatrain of Nostradamus that comes into question, and fits a defining moment in American history:

Fom a high, evil will fall on the great man, and a dead innocent will be accused of the deed….remain in the mist.


It is said that this quatrian refers to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, with a reference to Lee Harvey Oswald, and the idea that we never truly know the truth.

In resemblance to the September 11 terrorist attacks, Nosradamus writes:

The sky will burn at forty-five degrees, fire approaches the great New City. Immediately a huge scattered fame leaps up.


A quatrain that Nostradamus wrote to many can be questionable, but to many is accurate: The Great Fire of London

The blood of the just will commit a fault at London,

Burnt through lightening of twenty threes the six:

The ancient lady will fall from her high place,

Several of the same sect will be killed


This is a bit of a stretch to the imagination not knowing who “ancient lady” refers to and with the fire starting in a bakery instead of lightening.

Debate circles around Nostradamus’ possible prediction of Coved 19, or are fans grasping at straws, one line of his quatrain reads:

The great plague of the maritime city or diverse plagues will be upon mankind


When you take in regards to Astrology, Mercury entered Sagittarius in December 2019, this is when the first cases of coronavirus were being discovered. Saturn entered Aquarius on March 21, right as New York City went into lockdown.

In the feeble lists, great calamity through America and Lombardy. The fire in the ship, plague and captivity; Mercury in Sagittarius, Saturn warning.

Feeble lists could apply to the sick and dead from the virus, and then both America and Italy are referenced-two countries with the worst case numbers early in the pandemic. The line about, “the fire in the ship”, could be a reference to the multiple cruise ships that were stranded at sea when cases of Coronavirus were found on board.

Is his prediction correct or is it just a matter of interpretation? Let’s take a look at a future prediction on Nostradamus’ that in interpretation, I am hoping is wrong.

Few young people: half-dead to give a start. Dead through spite, he will cause the others to shine, and in an exalted place some great evils to occur: Sad concepts will come to harm each one, temporal dignified, the Mass to succeed. Fathers and mothers dead of infinite sorrows, women in mourning, the pestilent she-monster: The Great One to be no more, all the world to end.


It is said that Nostradamus has predicted a zombie apocolypse. He predicted that a Russian scientis will produce a biological weapon that has the ability to turn humans into zombies. And then the world will end, let’s not forget that part.

With solar storms not being unheard of, Nostradamus also predicted solar storms to cause some major destruction on earth and even lead to wars and conflicts. (Solar storms are a disturbance on the sun that can disable satellites and knock out elctric power grids.)

He also predicts we will have a mass famine that will signify the beginning of the end of the world. This would be a tragedy unlike anything the world has ever seen and much of the world wouldn’t be able to bounce back from.

Nostradamus predicts: that Pope Francis could potentially be assassinated during a trip to a European city, which could lead to social unrest in Rome. From there it is said, the Church’s secrets will be revealed to the public and the church itself will collapse.

It is said that Nostradamus foresaw that Muslims would begin to take over Europe in the coming decades and that they would be able to do so without using any violence. This will be due to both the increasing number of Muslim refugees immigrating into Europe, and the fact that Europeans are having fewer children.

In another prediction, an asteroid will either hit the earth or come very close. In his quatrain:

In the sk, one sees fire and a long trail of sparks


NASA scientists predicted a massive asteroid could’ve potentiall hit the Earth on May 6, 2021 and could’ve potentially caused 15 times more explosive destruction thatn the atomic bomb that was detonated over Hiroshima. But fortunately, that asteroid ended up just missing the Earth.

While I will admit that some of Nostradamus’ predictions are pretty spot on, others I find to be way out there, at least I hope so , and others are horrific in nature.

Nostradamus predicts that the third Antichrist will be born very soon. Likely from an Arab country full of political unrest. He predicts his coming will lead to even more political and social unrest, and that he will gain a large following, studying Hitler’s actions in order to prevent making his mistakes. The quatrain reads:

The antichrist very soon annihilates the three, twenty-seven years his war will last. The unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled; with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth.


Now we enter the predictions for 2022:

He predicts firstly, that a meteor shower, followed by an earthquake, will destroy the earth in December.

Very near Auch, Lectoure and Mirande a great fire will fall from the sky for three nights. The cause will appear both stupefying and marvelous; shortly afterward there will be an earthquake.


Nostradamus prdicts that a nuclear bomb will be detonated in 2022, causing even more climate change than we already had. He also predicts that the U.S. dollar will collapse as a result of inflaion spiraling out of control. Instead, gold, silver, and bitcoin will reign supreme.

The copies of gold and silver inflated, which after the theft were thrown into the lake, at the discovery that all is exhausted and dissipated by the debt. All scripts and bonds will be wiped out.


Let us know what you think of the predictions of the notorious Nostradamus and if you think his predictions hold merit or if it’s just a matter of interpretation.


Inside a cemetery, surrounded by slender Oak and Poplar trees, at the very edge of a steep, rutted trail which is called Red Dog Road, a woman was buried without a name. She had been stabbed to death and left naked in the woods near town, in 1969. The locals know her as “Mountain Jane Doe”.

The story of “Mountain Jane Doe” became a ghost story for many years, until her body was exumed and her DNA was used to find her true identity. Rusted evidence of a casket would appear, unknown if it was a hinge or a handle. It was clear that much of her casket had been devoured by earth. Evidence that her bones were soil stained as they emerged above the ground. Her skull had to be dislodged from the packed ground with a crowbar. Mud had moved in and around her skull, protecting it from collapse over the decades.

“Mountain Jane Doe’s” true identity is that of a missing woman from Letcher County, Kentucky. She went missing at the age of 21 from her home; her name: Blair Adams. Several years earlier, the Kentucky State Police had entered her information into a database, hoping that someone was indeed looking for this woman. A daughter in search of her mother finally gives “Mountain Jane Doe” a name after more than four decades.

Darla Jackson, a historian and author, teams up with Karen Stipes, the daughter of “Mountain Jane Doe”, to finally give this woman back her true identity. Karen had grown up without a picture or a grave to visit of her mother. She had been adopted by her paternal grandmother when she was just a baby. Stipes stated to Jackson during an interview,

When I was little I always thought maybe she (her mother) would come and get me. Then when I was ten or so I heard that she was killed on Little Shepherd’s Trail.

Karen had been told not to talk about it or to look into it any further, this didn’t stop her. Having gathered birth certificates and marriage cerificates for her mother, she never could find a death certificate. For decades, without having access to internet or DNA testing, Karen had no way of proving that it was her mother who had been buried in Harlan, Kentucky. Karen Stipes stated:

I just knew it’s her with every bone in my body. I just knew it. Everything that I ended up finding kept leading me that, that was her.

In 2009, Stipes had her own children searching the internet any chance that they could. In that same year a description was posted of “Mountain Jane Doe”.

They had my mother’s height and her description on there and it basically matched me.”

Karen Stipes stated.

Karen contacted NAMUS, who put her in touch with the Kentucky State Police, and she gathered DNA samples from her children as well as herself. In 2016, Karen Stipes gets the phone call that “Mountain Jane Doe” is indeed her mother.

I used to pray that she would come and get me. And it never happened. Now getting the proof that it was her I know why she never…why she couldn’t. I know that. I would rather I was abandoned and she’s alive you know. I’m just glad I know where she is now. I can bury her.

Karen Stipes stated having had to come to terms with the violent death that her mother had to endure.

You think about it. She had a brutal murder. It doesn’t matter what happened. She didn’t deserve that. Whoever done it needs to be caught. I just want them to find who killed her. They’ve already got away with it for 47 years.

Karen Stipes

Voices of the Past, Present, and Future brings you this unsolved mystery of “Mountain Jane Doe”, whose murder has yet to be solved, but was finally given back her name, and laid to rest by her family.

“Little Miss Nobody”

Voices of the Past recently brought to you the story, “The Hollow Tree”. This story falls in with nine other stories involving vicims whose identity and names have never been discovered.

“Little Miss Nobody”, a little girl named by a local radio host who had began a campaign to raise funds for this little girls’ burial, so that she would not have to go to Potter’s Field.

Toes painted red, hair dyed auburn, a little girls body was partially buried in the sand, which to investigators looked like whoever buried her had made several attempts to dig her a proper grave.

On March 15, 2022 “Little Miss Nobody” was finally identified as Sharon Lee Gallegos. Her body was found in Congress, Yavapai County, Arizona on July 31, 1960. The specific cause of her death has never been determined due to the decomposition of her remains, although it is still considered to be a homicide.

Gallegos was kidnapped from outsided her grandmother’s home in New Mexico, by two unknown individuals and her body was found ten days later. Gallegos had been playing in an alley with two of her cousins when a man and a woman offered to buy her some candy and new clothes if she would get into their car with them. Once the little girl refused, she was dragged by the arm into the car by the woman. The car then sped away, last being seen turning west onto Fifth Street.

THE INVESTIGATION: The vehicle Gallegos was pulled in to was believed to be a dark-green 1951 0r ’52 model Dodge or Plymouth Sedan. The female abductor was described by the witnesses as a short, bespectacled and heavy-set woman, in her 30’s with dirty blonde hair. The male was described as a fair, thin caucasian, having a long, straight nose, and sandy colored hair.

One of the witnesses immediately reported the kidnapping to her mother who in-turn immediately notified authorities. The police had set up road blocks at the Texas-New Mexico border within the hour, searching numerous vehicles that matched the description given. The police were unable to apprehend the kidnappers.

The possibility that Galegos was kidnapped for ransom seemed unlikely due to the family’s modest means and the fact that no demands for money had been received. There had been evident previous stalking which indicated that the Galegos girl was was specifically targeted by these individuals. An 11-year old witness to the abduction, was adamant that she had observed this same vehicle outside Gallegos’ home shortly before the abductio. The witness stated that she and Gallegos walked toward the vehicle while en route to a local grocery store. According to the witness, Gallego had become greatly distressed and asked to be carried when they saw that the woman inside the vehicle was staring intently at Galegos’ home. A friend and neighbor of the Gallegos family also stated that the previous Sunday she also had observed a dark-green vehicle parked where the child had been abducted.

Upon the police finding Galegos body, her hair had been changed, her clothes had been changed since the abduction, and she was found only 800 km from the abduction site they could not elliminate that this was possibly her but due to the belief that the inidentified child was estimated to have been around 7 years old the police had made a statement that it could not be the missing Galegos girl.

Because of advanced technologies and genetic geneology analysis, “Little Miss Nobody” was identified as the little girl who had been found back in 1960.

Now, while I know that there was a lack of resources availble to investigators and forensiics during that time period, it saddens me that it took this long to identify this child and give her back her born name and for the remaining family to finally find a little peace in that she was finally identified. ‘

The invesigation into “Litte Miss Nobody’s” abduction is still ongoing focusing on the abductors and the events that occured during the ten days before her abduction.

Voices of the Past and Present hope you enjoyed this once unsolved missing child case from the past being solved as to the identity of who she is in the present.


Voices past, present, and future wanted to a deep dive into who Anna Delvey, portrayed in the Netflix true-crime-series, “Inventing Anna”.

Anna Delvey, real name (Anna Sorokin) was born January 23,1991. Predominantly growing up in Germany, she was born in Domodedovo, a town outside Moscow Russia. Mother once owning a small convenience store and father driving a truck, Anna and her brother were raised in a middle-class-family.

With the idea of pursuing a fashion degree in Paris, Anna left Germany at age 19, when she took the name Anna Delvey. After attending Fashion Week in New York of 2013, on behalf of Purple Magazine, she eventually decided to stay in the city.

Insider reported that in February 2002, Netflix paid Anna $320,000 for rights to adapter her life story for the Netflix series “Inventing Anna”. In an open letter for Insider, she expressed her thoughts on the show.

“Nothing about seeing a fictionalzed version of myself in this criminal-insane-asylum setting sounds appealing to me. For a long while, I was hoping that by the time Inventing Anna came out, I would’ve moved on with my life. I imagined for the show to be a conclusion of sorts summing up and closing of a long chapter that had come to an end. Nearly your years in the making and hours of phone conversations and visits later, the show is based on my story and told from a journalist’s perspective. And while I’m curious to see how they interpreted all the research and materials provided, I can’t help but feel like an afterthought, the somber irony of being confined to a cell at yet another horrid correctional facility lost between the lines, the history repeating itself.”

Anna Delvey

The publication in the Insider also reports that Anna used $199,000 of moneys recieved by Netflix to pay restitution to the banks she owes, as well as another $24,000 to settle her state fines.

In February 2021 Anna Delvey was released from prison early and she immedialtely returned herself to the Instagram world. However in March, she was taken into custody again for overstaying her VISA.

A spokesperson for ICE confirms to People magazine, on March 15, 2022, that Anna remains in a New York detention center “pening removal”. A German news outlet, Der Spiegle, reported that Anna’s deportation had failed due to her refusing to leave for the airport while she waited for her lawyers to file a motion to stay the decision.

Anna had an appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast, speaking to host Alex Cooper over video call. When asked if she had ever told anyone she was a German heiress, she responeded “no”. Anna also replied, “No one introduces themselves like that. Like, what kind of sentence is that? It’s completely ridiculous.” Anna stated that she believed “people put together this story after the DA’s office released the original press release from when I got arraigned in October 2017.”

CAUTION: If you haven’t yet finished watching the Netflix series, I recommend not reading any further. There are some spoilers I am going to list below.

  1. Fact: Anna did really steal a jet.
  2. Fiction: Anna’s boyfriend, Chase Sikorski, is technically not a real person.
  3. Fact: Vivian Kent (Jessica Pressler) was indeed pregnant while writing the article.
  4. Fiction: Pressler’s baby nursery was not actually covered in a web of pictures of Anna.
  5. Fact: Anna did know Billy McFarland and Pharma brother Martin Shkreli.
  6. Fiction: Anna didn’t get any special treatment in prison during her interviews.
  7. Fact: Jessica Pressler loaned Anna clothes for her trial.
  8. Fiction: Jessica Pressler didn’t really attempt to break into Anna’s family home in Germany, although she did visit to research for a potential book.
  9. Fact: Rachel DeLoache Williams did help the police find Anna and got American Express to forgive the charges, as well as recieved a six-figure book deal.
  10. Fact: Neff Davis does still defend Anna to this day.

While although exposing some of the pieces of fact and fiction surrounding the Netflix series “Inventing Anna”, voices, past, present, and future wanted to bring to you an article of the Present. I hope you enjoyed!

Humanity’s Future

Voices of the future would like to present to you thoughts on what the future may hold and the possibilities that ly out there for us.

An American cultural phenomenon began in the 1940’s and 50’s. Reports of “flying saucers”, strange sightings of objects unidetified objects in the sky would become the raw materials for Hollywood. With the ongoing ideas about life on the Moon or the canals on Mars, flying saucers represent the hopes and fears of the world we live in today.

Wonders about visitors from other planets brought about the questions as to if they are peaceful or is there the possibility of an attack and destruction of humanity as we know it? The destruction that the Atomic Bomb would bring, brought during the Cold War era, made way for extraterrestrial anxieties and the possibility, that this in turn, manifested visions of flying sauceres and the question of the possibility of aliens living among us.

A 1962 comic There are Martians Among us, illustrates the way fear of these extraterrestrials could reflect Cold War anxietiess. A part of the mythology of America are the ideas that there are indeed the ideas of aliens and flying saucers. Scientists and astronomers, although dismissing the idea that there are aliens who live among us, do express to varying degrees, some enthusiasm about the possibility of intelligent life in the universe. The skeptic and speculative imaginations represent two halvs of the whole. Strange as it may be, it is essential to entertain and explore these ideas, at the same time, we must test and evaluate the validity of these ideas.

Every day phenomenon that we take for granted, but can be explained, are the questions: Why does a Camel have a hump? Can you really tell the weather by listening to the chirp of a cricket? Why do our bones crack?

In 1901, an engineer named, Nicola Tesla, made an astonishing claim that he was receiving radio communications from Mars. Although his alleged communications with Mars captured media attention, scientists weren’t interested. Similar observations were made by an Italian engineer, Guglielmo Marconi. Thomas Edison stated that Marconi’s work offered “good grounds for the theory that inhabitants of other planets are trying to signal us.”

Carl Sagan and a team that he put together who developed the content for the Voyager record, were posed a question: What do you say to a super intelligent alien race on behalf of all the inhabitants of the world? In a letter Carl Sagan wrote to Alan Lomax, he called the Voyager Record “a comic greeting card.” It is unlikely that the voyager records now at the edge of our solar system will ever be found by alien life.

The mythology of martian civilization becomes a creative way to reflect on humanity’s future.

I ask you, what ideas do you like to consider when you reflect on our humanity’s future?

A Bizzare Murder

Good afternoon those of you who have tuned into Voices, past, present,and future. It is definitely raining here where I am, and it is the perfect day to pop some popcorn and get your favorite beverage to settle in for this bizzare, true story.

Join me in the journey of the Kunz Family Mass Murders.

A small town of about 1,000 or so residents, Athens, Mi. A family appearing to be just like any other, settle in after the Independence Day fireworks, July 4, 1987. A ramshackled farm house, filthy, full of a vast sum of hidden money, a stash of “dirty movies” and rumors of incest all revealed when the following morning, four members of the Kunz family were found murdered, and the fifth family member was nowhere to be found.

Prior to their deaths, the Kunz family lived a secluded and isolated life, creating a baffling mystery around who could have killed them. Four family members were found with .22 caliber bullet holes in their heads. The first to discover this carnage was Kenneth Kunz, Randy Kunz’s brother (one of the victims). Upon discovery of his murdered family Kenneth noticed Helen Kunz (his mother) was missing and he had no idea where she could be.

This farmhouse was considered uninhabitable as it had no running water, its only heat source was a single wood-burning stove, that was also used for cooking. The Kunz family were considered hoarders as every corner of this rotting estate was trash littered. Despite having a few modern day conveniences, television and VCR, when the home was searched, an enormous library of sexually explicit videotapes and magazines were found, after the murders.

Weeks prior to her disappearance, Helen Kunz went into a store to purchase an electric toaster, mentioning to the store clerk that she was angry with her family for waching these “dirty movies” on the VCR without her, which furthered the polices’ theory that the family watched these movies together as a family.

It was later thought that incest was going on within the family. Helen had slept in the same bed as her adult son Randy, and the other three: Clarence, Marie, and Irene slept together in the living room. Rumors surrounded Kenny’s parentage. Becoming pregnant in 1933, a man named Frank Gumz, who had been Helen’s neighbor, was convicted of raping her. Although rumors did circluate that Clarence was the real father due to their unusually close relationship.

Now I know, yes, this is indeed a weird story, yet everything I tell you is true (to my knowledge). This makes for an interesting read, so please, CONTINUE!

Serving to further complicate this story, was this 70-year-old woman, Helen Kunz, capable of commiting these murders? No, her body was discovered nine months later near a creek in Medford, WI. This was a new grisly piece of evidence that only complicated a baffling case further.

While police were investigating there they couldn’t find any connections of this family to the outside world. The only thing known was that they were hoarders living in a ramshackled house on 108 acres of land. None of them held jobs, yet over $20,000 dollars was found stashed throughout their home. Making the case even stranger was the fact that whoever murdered them didn’t take this money, some of which was hidden in plain sight.

During a conversation with a clerk at the local Weiler Hardware Store, Helen purchased .22 caliber bullets claiming they were for her son, who was going to kill some blackbirds on the property. This left the possibility open that perhaps Helen killed her family and then took her own life.

Kenneth Kunz was not a suspect in these murders as he was considered to have a low IQ, and was painfully shy. He had little edge and no motive causing the police to move onto other possibilities.

The Kunz family had a clear case of mental instability. The parents of Helen, Irene, Clarence, and Marie, in 1905 had been living with their in-laws. Anna (the mother) had returned home from work only to discover that her husbands brother had bludgeoned her mother-in-law to death. Anna’s husband had another brother who spent a good portion of his life in a mental institution. After murdering his mother, both brothers were together in the institution.

Blood Relative: Portrait of a Mass Murder, written by Crocker Stephenson, includes more details of the murders that were never released. It documents the individual autopsies for each of the Kunz family, photographs of the home, as well as police transcripts with Kenny Kunz.

Chris Jacobs III, was considered a prime suspects. He was a small-time criminal, and the only non-family member to interact with the Kunz family, previously interacting with them over the purchase of a vehicle. There was a brief trial and he was aquitted due to lack of evidence. An ex-girlfriend of Jacobs came forward in 1993, claiming to have heard Jacobs’ confession.

With “Double Jeapardy” in play, regardless of the new evidece, a murder charge now off the table, prosecutors were able to charge Jacobs with the kidnapping and imprisonment of Helen Kunz. He received a 31-year sentence.

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed traveling with Voices, past, present, and future into this bizzare murder of the Kunz family.

“The Beast of Ge’Vaudan”

Have you heard of the Beast of Ge’vaudan? Are you curious? Travel with Voices of the past and explore this riveting tale with me.

Between the years of 1765 and 1767, there was an unknown creature believed to have killed over 100 people in a rural region of France.

This creature both captivated and horrified the world during that time.

La Bete duGe’vaudan, 1764-1767, a creature called “the Beast” ravaged this rural region, with about 100 men,women, and children falling victim. Many French presumed this creature to be a wolf and many modern scholars agreed, although some have suggested it may not have been a wolf at all.

Are you intrigued? If so, keep reading.

One of the first fatal attacks occurred on June 30, 1764. Jeanne Boulet, a 14-year-old shepherdess was tending a flock of sheep. France had been in a slump, on the heels of the Seven Years’ War. Losing battles to Prussia and the British, caused Louis XV to loose colonies overseas, this beast offered a perfect foil to rally around.

This beast attacked so many, that some speculated that there had to have been two or more beasts, with the beast partially eating women and young children, and lone adult men were also targeted according to the reports.

Individual acts of bravery captivated the public. Bounties had been offered and hunters had combed the countryside in hopes of finding this creature. Only hours after a mauling, this creature was seen stalking a herdsman at Chateau de la Baume, on October 8, 1764. These hunters had followed the Beast into the woods to flush it out into the open. A volley of musket fire was said to have been shot into the creature, but the Beast got up and ran off.

The story of the Beast had spread and covered newspapers in Boston to Brussels, causing it to become on of history’s first media sensations. Children had been celebrated for taking on this beast. Jacques Portefaix, age 10, had been attacked. He and a group of his friends, ages only ranging from eight to twelve, counterattacked this beast with sticks driving the creature away. All of the children were rewarded by Louis XV, as well as Portefaix being given an education paid by the crown. This prompted the court of King Louis XV to send his royal hunters to destroy this beast. A 6,000-livre bounty was placed on the Beasts’ head.

Marie-Jeanne Valet became known as the “Amazon” as well as the “Maid of Ge’vaudan, when at age 19 or 20, she was attacked by this beast while crossing the River Desges, on August 11, 1765. She was armed with a bayonet affixed to a pole and impale this Beast in the chest, but the creature got away.

Francois Antoine, age 71, the kings nephew, shot a large wolf, assumed to be the Beast, near an abbey at Chazes. He was awarded money and titles. The corpse of the animal had been stuffed and sent to the royal court, but attacks began again that December.

The royal court ignored the reports of these attacks, even with accounts of the Beast acting different. It was said the beast had been afraid of cattle before but now it showed no fear. The king insisted that Antoine had killed the creature.

A sudden outbreak of attacks happened in June of 1767, compelling a nobleman, Marquis d’Apcher to organize a hunt. A local man, also one of the hunters, shot a wolf on the slopes of Mount Mouchet. Upon autopsy of the animal, human remains inside the animal were revealed. The animal had non-wolf characteristics, described by witnesses.

The attacks stopped, and it was presumed that the beast the local man bagged was indeed the Beast, with doubts remaining that the animal was a wolf. Described by eyewitnesses, the Beast was consistently described as something other that a wolf with descriptions of it being as large as a calf or a horse. The coat was described as being a reddish gray, and the creature having a long, panther-like tail. The head and legs were said to be short-haired and the color of a deer. There was a black stripe on its back with talons on its feet. The wounds this creature tyically inflicted were found on on the head and limbs. Sixteen victims had been decapitated. Witnesses described the Beast as an ambush hunter, stalking its prey and seizing it by the throat, primarily prowling in the evenings or mornings.

As with anything, there are conspiracy theories about the Beast by historians, scientists, and pseudoscientists. These theories consist of a : Eurasian Wolf, an armored war dog, a striped hyena, a lion, a prehistoric predatr, werewolf, dog-wolf hybrid, and the human. The fanciful of the list if the werewolf.

Suggested by others is that it may have been the act of a serial killer, as many of the Beasts’ victims were reported to have been decapitated, which is something few animals could do. It is unlikely that a serial killer would roam about in broad daylight wearing a beastial costume, but some support this theory and believe the human killer used an animal to carry out the crimes.

Depictions of the Beast that was killed by the nobleman, suggest it did resemble a striped hyena. Hyenas are not not native to France and striped hyenas are not known to attack humans. This theory does appear to be unusual.

As for the lion theory, author and biologist, Karl-Hans Taake, argued that this Beast could have been an immature lion. He stated that a lion hunts in a similar way that the Beast did. A sub-adult male lion does not have a fully developed mane and does sometimes have a mohawk-type stipe that runs down its back. Taake argued that the description of the beast and that of the immature male lion match.

There are many theories and voices arguing about the true identity of the “Beast of Ge’vaudan, and they admit that the true identity may never be known without genetic or forensic evidence.

The Beast of Ge’vaudan will forever remain a mystery! What are your theories? Let us know here at Voices, Past, Present, and Future!

“The Silent Killer”

Voices, Past, Present, and Future would like to provide a link to you, to bring awareness to what is also known as “The Silent Killer”. It is a rare disease, that I share with many people. This post is just a way of bringing some understanding to those of you who may have relatives with this disease.

Please click the link below and read a post of just one persons journey with this disease.

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