Giant’s Causeway

Travel with Voices, past, present, and future to one of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders in the world.

The Giant’s Causeway is comprised of over 40,000 interlocking basalt columns. There are countless myths and legends that surround the Causeway, and that is where you will find your inspiration and intrigue for whatever venture you pose for the day.


Legend has it that Northern Ireland was once home to a giant named Finn McCool. Another giant named Benandonner, who resided across the Irish Sea in Scotland, threatened Ireland. The giant, Finn, retaliated by tearing great chunks of the Antrim castline and hurled them into the sea. By doing this, Finn created a new path, The Giant’s Causeway, and paved a route over the sea for Finn to reach Benandonner.

This was not such a great idea, as Benandonner was a massive giant, much bigger than Finn. Finn needed to save himself, so he retreated to Ireland and his quick-thinking wife disguised him as a baby.

Benandonner arrives, and finds this giant baby, Finn. Realisation hits Benandonner; if this mere baby is that big then the father must be far larger than Benandonner himself!

Benandonner rushes back to Scotland, tearing away as much of the Causeway as he can in haste to put as much distance between himself and Ireland.



This is a less fascinating explanation but the scientific approach dictates, the Giant’s Causeway was formed over 60 million years ago following a period of volcanic activity, where lava cooled and formeed these incredible interlocking basalt columns. Each of these columns is nearly a perfect hexagonal shape, providing us with a lasting reminder of the power of the world’s natural beauty.

No matter which you choose to believe, MYTH or SCIENTIFIC, the creation of this natural beauty makes for a fanastic story to built upon.

Thank you for traveling with Voices, past, present, and future to this natural world beauty, THE GIANT’S CAUSEWAY!

Author: Pameladlockwood

I am an aspiring author. I love to work in my woodshed. I learned how to run a lathe which is my tool of choice for making lamps and bottles. I also love to dram and paint. Creating is my passion. I am a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 3. I have recently been diagnosed with a rare nerve condition called CRPS. It has been a hard road for me but through this site and creating I hope to find some solace. I am a firefight 2. I have been an applied therapy assistant for autistic children. I have a degree in two years of accounting and have received my certificate in Medical Transcription. I love to learn and grow as a person.

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