Good afternoon my creative fiends. I have quite the puzzle for you today.

Let’s pay close attention to these dates: July 31, 1944, 44 times a day, disappeared at age 44 in 1944.

Now, who am I talking about and why are these dates important?

Antoine de Saint-Exupe’ry was shot down and disappeared during a reconnaissance flight in 1944.

He was a French aviator and author. He is known above all else for his lyrical novella The Little Prince. This book has sold over 150 copies worldwide and has been translated in to hundreds of languages.

He crashed in to the Mediterranean Sea on July 31, 1944 yet his body was never identified.

What partly inspired his novella was a crash that he survived in the Libyan Desert. These events are described in the fable-like book The Little Prince.

In his book a pilot crash lands in the desert and encounters a mysterious boy who then travels through the universe only to be persuaded to return to his own planet to tend to a black rose that he planted there.

Saint-Exupe’ry also wrote a well regarded novel Night Flight, and a prize-winning memoir Wind, Sand, and Stars.

The question I offer you is, was this an intention death, or disappearance?

Look at this puzzle:

In The Little Prince, the boy views the sunset on his planet 44 times a day. Saint-Exupe’ry disappears at age 44, in 1944. Is it a coincidence or not?

Let your mind wander and your imagination take you on a journey.

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I ask myself everyday before I begin my post, “What can I provide you with to keep you entertained?”

My intention is to give you a thought, an idea, a purpose to open your eyes and see that the world is full of mysteries.

What you do with that thought or idea is up to you. My goal is to inspire. Create art, writing, computer games. Your mind is full of endless possibilities.

What will inspire you today?

“let my heart be still a moment and this mystery explore…” _Edgar Allan Poe

Participate and let me know what you think, what inspires you, and what you would like to see more of.

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In reply to a followers question on a past post, I found another interesting piece to add to your thoughts or other worldly theories.


Nasca Vally, Peru, 2000 years ago, ancient lines on the Peruvian desert form shapes and patterns that are described as being one of the most impenetrable enigmas of archeology.

Only being discovered by air when aircraft started to fly over the plains in the 1930’s, were these patterns discovered.

These geoglyphs (earth drawings) fall in to two broad categories: pictures and lines.

There are about 70 representational pictures that have been identified. Animal shapes called biomorphs, including anthropomorphic shapes, some flowers, plants, flowers, trees and everyday objects were seen from the air.

The animals include killer whales, a spider, a monkey, a hummingbird, and a 935-foot long pelican.

These lines and geometric figures criss cross the Pampas and (sometimes) overlay one another. The lines can run straight for up to several miles but, they also form shapes such as: labyrinths, spirals trapezoid, triangles, and rectangles.

Now mind you, in many parts of the world these geoglyphs would have been quickly destroyed by weathering and land use, but because of the conditions (unique as they are) of the coastal plains, little wind, rain, and few people to damage these lines they still exist.

One theory is that this is “The largest astronomical book in the world”.

An explorer and researcher, Johan Reinhard, suggested that it seemed likely that most of these lines didn’t point to anything geographical or celestial. Rather they led to places where rituals were performed to obtain water and the growth of their crops.

If this anomaly doesn’t peek your curiosity when you consider your theories that surround your “What If” question, I’m not sure what will.

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Hello my lovelies..this week although only Wednesday, has been a roller-coaster of a ride for me. I cannot apologize for needing to be with family and help with my grand children, but I do appreciate your patience while I do that.

Today I bring you a creepy case in the town of Circleville, Ohio, population 13,000.

In 1976 the residents of Circleville began receiving mysterious, creepy, and vindictive letters written in block lettering. Some of these were even sent to city officials.

One of the residents was a target of these letters. Her name was Mary Gillespie. Mary was a school bus driver and at the very start of this she began receiving these letters accusing her of having an affair with the super attendant.

Mary’s husband had also been receiving letters and on one night he also received a phone call.telling him where to meet. Mary’s husband obviously very irrate left his home to meet this person and on the way was in a wreck that eventually killed him but not before firing a shot at this suspected letter writer.

Messages continued appearing along Mary’s school bus route and as she tried to take down one of these a gun went off.

The gun belonged to her deceased husband’s brother. He was arrested and incarcerated for the attempted murder of Mary but not the letters.

While he was incarcerated and in solitary confinement, unable to write any letters, he too received one. Mary finally confessed to the extra marital affair and for a while these letters did stop. But, not for long.

Now, I can and could continue this story for you but as creative thinkers, authors, and artists we can and should take this to the next level.

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Do you have one in mind?

What could have happened that didn’t?

Who would you put behind the mysterious letter writing?

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Where is she?

This is a sad story I’m sorry to say. But, it will, in the spirit of love, make you cherish your little ones.

on October 18, 1949 a wife and mother was kidnapped from her home.

Dorothy Forstein and her husband had a happy marriage. Dorothy was one of the most liked residents in their neighborhood. Her husband had a child, a daughter, from a previous marriage and then they conceived a daughter of their own.

Late one night their daughter was woken by a noise. She went in to her mother’s room where she ly unconscious on the floor. She saw a man she didn’t recognize pick her mother up and sling her over his shoulders and carry her down the stairs.

Now let’s remember this is a child totally dependent on her mother as her father is still at work, having called them earlier to let them know. The trauma this little girl must have been through!

Dorothy’s daughter asks this man, “What are you doing?” He pats her on the head and says, “Go back to bed little one, your mom is fine.” He then leaves the house with her mother still unconscious and locks the door behind him.

Can you possibly imagine?!

Her father returns home only fifteen minutes after and finds both girls huddled in a bedroom crying, “Mommy’s gone!”

The police doubting the little girls story of the man call in a psychologist who determines that she indeed is telling the truth.

The police conduct a routine investigation. They can only figure that it is some sort of grudge against the husband, him being a man of importance. They ask around at hospitals, hotels, and morgues for any unidentied women. They find nothing.

Now five years earlier Dorothy had gone through a home invasion where she was beaten pretty severe and left unconscious in this instance too.

In both instances of what happened to Dorothy there were no fingerprints,nothing was taken from their home, and there was no sign of forced entry.

With no clues as to where Dorothy was or even if she was still alive or dead, on October 18,1956, seven years after Dorothy vanished, and just months after Dorothy’s husband died of heart disease, their daughter filed a petition with the court and Dorothy Forstein was officially declared deceased.

My thoughts are, “Why would someone target this woman?”

Was it someone with a grudge against her husband?”

I want you to discuss your thoughts and on this day, all about love, hug those you love dear.

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Good morning and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

I received a call yesterday from my daughter that she had to go to the emergency room. She is about 8 months pregnant. She was hurting real bad in her hip.

Her husband brought me my 2 grand baby boys to keep for them. These are the cutest boys in the world (okay, I’m bias)

My daughter had to stay overnight for IV treatment for a severe kidney infection. She is still there this morning.

I have to say I forgot how hard it was raising little ones. I was woke up this morning with a knee into my bladder.

There isn’t anything we won’t do for those we love.

I haven’t gotten kids ready for school in a long time and those pitiful faces when they say Mimi we want to stay with you!

Remember to cherish those you love today.

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Happy writing today!

Untold Stories

When he whom I love travels with me or sits a long while holding me by the hand, then I am charged with untold and unreliable wisdom, I am silent, I require nothing further, I cannot answer the question of appearances or that of identity beyond the grave, but I walk or sit indifferent. I am satisfied. He ahold of my hand has completely satisfied me. _Walt Whitman

I think there’s a story inside every one of us and we all have different talents that allow us to tell our story whether that be through words, art, crafts, music or simply by sharing g our life with those we love. Don’t let your story go untold._Susan Rushmore

This is a quote I love. It suits the name of my website very well.

My endeavor is tell untold stories, past, present, and future.

Let me tell your story or if you know of an untold story that should be shared with the world, Let Me Know!



I wanted to take this moment to apologize to my followers for the lack of interesting posts yesterday. I had a bad flare up and was not feeling myself.

I hope to redeem myself today and inspire you to create something great in the name of Love.

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