Due to the slow internet connection because of the nasty weather where I live, it takes a bit longer to provide you with the JAW DROPPING stories I know you love.

Here is one story that is similar to the one I presented to you a few days ago and trust me, the likeness is uncanny.

This is a story that was presented on CNN.COM. It involves two campers and their beloved dog.

Steve Haugen and Jeanette Bauman, along with their Labrador Retreiver, Ceasar head out for an overnight camping trip. Destination was Willamette National Forest, Oregon on July 30,2005. The day was perfect for what they had planned, some hiking and camping.

Police believed that this couple was chose at random, possibly because they had been camping in what he may have considered “his woods” or just that he may have considered them prey.

The couple had been found shot to death the following day at their campsite. This predator took their license plate from their 1997 GMC JIMMY SUV, along with some of their camping supplies.

The police are finding some similarities in other cases one such case being that of a mother and daughter who were also slain in a rural area on public lands.

The police have a number of suspects but have not released their names.

To me, being a woman who loves camping, I find it terrifying and I hope they catch this killer soon.

Curious as to your thoughts on these cases, PLEASE leave a comment so that we may discuss this together.

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