Mental Awareness Month

Good Morning friends. It’s been a few days for me, but now that the holiday weekend has now come to an end, graduations have come and gone (pre-K and First Grade for me), the graduation parties, the holiday barbeque’s, we can now fully dive back in to work. I devoted some long deserved time to my reading, so that I can return some books to the library on time, and worked on my short story course. I wasn’t fully off duty.

If you’re anything like me, your house is never television free. Somewhere there is always a TV on. As Stephen King say, “Television is on of the worst things you can have as a writer.” For me, THIS IS SO TRUE!

I was also trying to work out some of the kinks in my first draft. Where I want to take this character, what situation I would like to put this character in, and does this character really need to be in the book? Reworking the outline persay.

As the month of Mental Awareness comes to a close, I look back on some of my past articles/posts and I urge those of you who struggle with anything to seek help, be it a friend you can confide in, a pastor (preacher/ any religious person whom you trust), a family member, a spouse, or doctor. Don’t cheat yourself out of the life you deserve and the happiness you deserve.

Take a moment and love yourself today. Support your friends and fellow writers.


Voices of the present would like to propose a question for you.

Are you a present-focused person or a future-fosed person?

Let me offer some insight into each of these according to psychologists.


  • Better at helping others than themselves
  • Get fully immersed in the moment and lose track of time
  • Avoid anything repetitive, difficult or boring
  • Are playful, impulsive and sensual
  • Appreciate life, nature, and people around them
  • Focus on immediate gratification

There is a down side to this according to psychologists. For one, it is said that present-focused people are more likely to use drugs and alcohol. That these people may have grown up in unstable places and they tend to live in the present because imagining the future is hard. If you ask a present-focused person to to describe their ultimate career and write down the steps to get there, their focus will change to the future.


  • Delay gratification
  • Driven with self-discipline because they vividly see future goals
  • Love their work
  • Invest, exercise
  • Better at helping themselves than others
  • More likely to succeed, but at the loss of relationships

The loss of relationships is because it requires present focus. It is believed future-focused people tend to grow up in cold climates because they have to prepare for winter. If you were to ask a future-focused person to name every background noise, or where their body is touching a chair, their focus goes directly to present focus.

What you value tends to change your focus. Love or making art pushes someone toward a more present focus and being ambitious tends to push someone toward the future focus.

You need both minsets. A present-focus to enjoy life but too much can prevent you from having the deeper happiness that achievement brings.

I hope this article helps you take a look at yourself when you are acting out of character. Maybe, when you are acting too undisciplined it’s because you have stopped seeing the future. If you’re acting too disconnected, it’s possible you’re obsessed with your goals. You can only see your future.

Please support your fellow bloggers.

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