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In continuance of the great Arthurian Legend, a poet named Robert the Baron, in the 12th century, added to this Legend. He presented that Arthur’s father gave him up and Arthur had to be raised by a noblemans son away from the kingdom.

Arthur, unaware of his real father, was not given the throne when the king passed, so England called upon Merlin to help.

This is where the Sword in the Stone Legend comes about.

Merlin knew who Arthur was and wanted to give him a chance to grow up before taking the throne.

Merlin erects a large stone, stuck inside this stone was a sword. An inscription on the sword stated, “Whoso pulled out the sword from this stone, is right wise King born of all England.”

No one succeeded and the sword was forgotten causing England to fall in to greater ruin.

Merlin kept Arthur close, teaching him. On his 15th birthday Arthur pulled the sword from the stone and became King.

Not many fans of the Arthurian Legend know that this sword was not named Excalibur in early tales but instead, it was called Caladfwlch, a Welsh name meaning “lightening”.

In Geoffrey of Monmouth’s tales the sword was called Caliburn and from that name came Excalibur.

I hope you have enjoyed this story from the past and can and could continue if you so wished.

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